TESDA XI holds Mass Hiring for Vacant Plantilla Positions

Last July 22-24, the Human Resource Merit Promotion and Selection Board (HRMPSB) of TESDA XI convened to conduct an interview and written examination for the applicants of the Vacant Plantilla Position at the Regional Training Center- Korea Philippines Vocational Training Center (RTC- KPVTC).

Over Seventy (70) applicants applied for the 14 Vacant Plantilla Positions of the different Operating Units of TESDA XI, which are the following:

  • TESD Specialist II (RTC- KPVTC)
  • TESD Specialist I (RTC- KPVTC)
  • Administrative Assistant III (RTC- KPVTC)
  • Administrative Aide VI (RTC- KPVTC)
  • TESD Specialist II (Regional Operations Division)
  • TESD Specialist I (Compostela Valley Provincial Office)
  • Administrative Officer IV (Davao del Norte Provincial Office)
  • Administrative Officer IV (Davao City/Sur Provincial Office)
  • Administrative Officer IV (Carmelo de los Cientos, Sr. National Trade School)
  • Administrative Assistant III (Davao City/Sur Provincial Office)
  • Vocational Instruction Supervisor II (Davao National Agricultural School)
  • Instructor I (Davao National Agricultural School)
  • Instructor III (Davao Oriental Polytechnic Institute)
  • Administrative Aide IV (Wangan National Agricultural School)

The applicants’ documents were first screened and evaluated by the Administrative Officers of the different operating units of TESDA XI on July 16, 2019, at the Regional Training Center- Korea Philippines- Vocational Training Center to ensure that it fits the qualifications posted on the website of Civil Service Commission.

Moreover, the applicants were given an orientation regarding TESDA XI and the process of the selection of the applicants.  After the applicants  took their written examination, they were immediately interviewed by the panel of judges, namely:

  • Amparo A. Tulo, DPA- Acting FASD Chief and Chairman of the HRMPSB
  • Kristi Donna N. Paredes- HRMO of the Regional Office and Member of the HRMPSB
  • PAAKA Representative
  • End-User

During the interview, the applicants were asked regarding their knowledge about their chosen position, past job/s, relationship to their respective supervisors and co-workers, and understanding about labor unions in the government agencies.

Overall, the convening of HRMPSB was successful. The panel of interviewers was able to decide to decipher the applicants and assess their knowledge, competencies, and attitude towards work.

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