Seon Kris Food Products

“True entrepreneurs can always build a business around any idea that interests people in general. With that in mind, I went on to pursue what I love doing, and that is – cooking; and of course producing what people will always have money to spend for – and that is food,” says Bernadette Gomez Manuel.

Her passion in business started when she was in college with a start-up capital P300 making peanut rolls. Bernadette’s entrepreneurial skill was influenced by her parents who built a small sari-sari business at home. After gaining additional knowledge and skills in food processing, she then started to produce a diversified line of products consisting of fish polvoron, dried & salted squid or nokus bulingit, and later on added the dish washing liquid. These are the products she introduced in the market bearing the trade name Seon Kris Food Products.

Nadette as she is fondly called, hails from Malimono, Surigao del Norte and a college degree holder. However, circumstance met her way when she got pregnant before graduation. Thisdisappointed her parents thinking this will hinder her from getting a job.

But instead of getting discouraged, she anchored her belief on faith and hard work. She grabbed the opportunity of enrolling in a TESDA-TWSP training in her college hometown, the Surigao State College of Technology-Malimono campus in 2009. This led her into pursuing her passion in business after getting certified in the TESDA Food Processing NC II.

“What meager accomplishments in business I got back then, did not happen by accident. Business is in the blood. It takes a lot of commitment, hard work and dedication. My business ventures begin with a lot of passion and persistence,” Nadette shared.

Her love for peanut rolls started when she was still a student at St. Paul University Surigao. She met a very close friend whose parents were engaged on peanut roll production and she learned the processes and techniques on how to produce peanut rolls.

After getting trained in food processing she ventured on the production of Seon Kris polvoron giving employment to some friends and neighbors. Inspired by the abundant catch of squid “Nukos-bulingit” in the locality, she expanded her product line introducing Seon Kris dried squid and salted squid.

Her product lines were brought out from their own place to the bigger market.

“With the technology support acquired from the Department of Trade and Industry, the market for my products is not only confined here in Surigao City, but I was also able to penetrate the cities of Butuan and Cagayan de Oro”, she added.

From the P300 start-up capital, Nadette was able to grow her business to P144,860 in 2010. Likewise, the Seon Kris Peanut Rolls opened her to business trips abroad.

“The opportunity for travel also helped me gain critical learning experiences as my business also grew along with it. It developed me along the way in enhancing my products and my skills in management to ensure a successful flight for my budding business”.

Along with her business were the many beautiful things that went through her way. She was invited on the following entrepreneurial gatherings to speak about and share her experiences in running the Seon Kris Food Products in the following events:

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