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Success Story: Finding Possibility Amidst the Sea of Impossibilities
Posted Date : 2013-07-04


Mr. Hospecio T. Lesmis, Typhoon Pablo survivor, C4TP trainee, delivering a message to his fellow trainees during the closing activity of their training on Carpentry, Masonry and Electrical Installation in Boston. Davao Oriental



He once dreamt to be a member of the Philippine Army, for he knew that he can help protect his community, as well as help build communities is he becomes a part of the engineering brigade. But his mother swayed him away from that dream, for she was so concerned of his own safety. That was a long-time dream, which never saw the light in his lifetime, well not yet, as he soon discovered that he too, can be an agent of community rebuilding after that tumultuous catastrophe that was Typhoon Pablo in December 2012.

Undeniably, Typhoon Pablo has caused destruction, and took away lives; but that event, may be too-much for many, but has given a glimmer of hope for some. Amidst the chaos, while residents caught in the sea of uncertainty, the typhoon has created an opportunity for people, ordinary residents to show that the can also be part of their community rebuilding efforts despite their social status in life. For Mr. Hospecio “Jun” Lesmis, 48 years old and married to Merlina Manulat-Lesmis with three sons at Purok Sampaguita, Poblacion, Boston, Davao Oriental, the pain and devastation to the lives and limbs of the people, and to the spirit of the community, are eye-openers that in the cause of our lives, and as we take on the roads of our lives, nature is a great force to reckon with. And it is not enough that we all sulk in one corner because the winds have battered our souls, rather it was a chance to show to the world, that the human spirit is unyielding even to the strongest of the winds, even to the thickest of the rains, even to the vastness of the flood.


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